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Dutch Flow group

The mission of the Dutch Flow Cytometry Group Foundation is to promote advanced research and innovation in the field of flow cytometry within the Netherlands.
Our goal is to create a platform that stimulates the development of cutting-edge technologies and applications in flow cytometry.
The foundation aims to promote collaboration between researchers, academics and industry, thus contributing to the progress of this important scientific discipline.
The Dutch Flow Cytometry Group Foundation will act as a support center for knowledge sharing, with the ultimate goal of promoting excellence in flow cytometry research in the Netherlands.

2nd DFG Tech Symposium: 20-09-2024 

Stichting Dutch Flow Cytometry Group

Prodent Fabriek Amersfoort


20e DFG users meeting: 19-09-2024

Stichting Dutch Flow Cytometry Group

Atelier 300c Amersfoort

Introduction video ‘s to Flow-cytometrie

To understand the basic principals of Flow-cytometry watch these video’s

Video 1

Introduction to Fluorescente

Video 2

Anatomy of Fluorescence

Video 3

Overview of filters and light sources

video 4

Introduction to Flow cytometry

Video 5

Analyzing Flow cytometry data

Video 6

Flow cytometry explained.