DFG meeting Jan 2014

Dutch Flow Group Meeting 8, Jan. 24th 2014, Sanquin Amsterdam


Our 8th Dutch Flow Group meeting was hosted by Erik Mul and Berend Hooibrink, Sanquin, Amsterdam.

09:30-10:00  Coffee and tea, opening

10:00-10:45  Sony Spectral Analyzer presentation by Mark Dessing (Sony Biotechnology)

10:55-11:40  First results from the Sony Spectral Analyzer, presentation by Pleun Hombrink, Berend Hooibrink and Erik Mul

11:55-12:30  Lunchbreak

12:30-13:15  Infinicyt software workshop, María Ochoa González, Cytognos

13:15-14:30  Flowjo software workshop, Isaiah Hankel, Flowjo / Miltenyi Biotec

14:30-15:00  VenturiOne software presentation, Cedric Ait Mansour

16:00-18:00  Dutch Flow Group meeting: Upgrading DIVA to version 8, what to do and how?

18:00-           Dinner at "Steakhouse Roos" Amsterdam