Cytometry Tools

Fluorescence Spectrum Viewers

These interactive spectrum viewers show excitation and emission wavelengths for many fluorchromes and dyes.

BD Biosciences Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer

Life Technologies Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer

eBioscience Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer

BioLegend Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer

Antibody and kits (Antibody panel builder) Beckman Coulter



Flowcytometry Overviuw

BD Introduction to Flow Cytometry

Introduction video's DFG

Introduction to multicolor flow YT (Miltenyi)


Analysis Software

WinMDI Download and Tutorial

  • Free Windows-based analysis software for FCS 2.0 files

Verity Software House

  • ModFIT, WinList and GemStone analysis software

Tree Star

  • FloJo analysis software

Flowing Software

  • Free Windows-based analysis software


  • Free general purpose analysis software

De Novo

  • FCS Express 4 analysis software


  • Free Mac-based analysis software 

Kaluza Analysis software

  • Simply, efficiently and quickly analyze multicolor, multiparametric data from flow cytometers of today and tomorrow (Beckman Coulter).

Antibody panel builder